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Hey Sierra Chapter ! - April Newsletter Update

I hope this newsletter finds you in good health and spirits. In this difficult time, I thought I would provide some updates regarding our chapter, and the changes that have come forth in the past few weeks.

  • With the great partnership between Comcast and SCTE ISBE, certifications and training are FREE this year! See ComcastNow for more information. (Reach out to a board member if you have trouble finding it.)

    • (Note: Reward for certifications has been changed from $100 to $50 to accommodate the new price of the test, and influx of new participants)

Please join us in congratulating one of our members Roman Golub in his first certification !!!


  • We will be looking to provide some Virtual Training's very soon.

  • Our new Website is up and running! Come check it out! and let us know what you think, stay engaged with us!

  • Unfortunately, to follow state guidelines and to keep the participants well being as a top priority, we have postponed the NorCal Vendor Day Show with the Golden Gate Chapter. Currently we are looking at dates in September and will keep everyone in the loop!

  • Our June 10th Golf tournament date has been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak as well. We will be following the progress of the virus and will have this rescheduled ASAP. Keep an eye on our website and newsletters for more information.

Have a great day! Brandon Mehrkens Sierra Chapter President

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