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The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) is a non-profit professional association that provides technical leadership for the telecommunications industry and serves its members through professional development, standards, certification and information. Since 1969, SCTE has continually expanded its resources and services to meet the changing needs of its members in a rapidly evolving industry. Today more than 14,000 CTOs, engineers, system operation managers, technicians, and field operations personnel from the U.S. and 70 countries worldwide depend upon SCTE to deliver the tools they need to maintain their competitive edge. SCTE has more than 68 chapters and meeting groups, and over 3,000 cable telecommunications professionals hold SCTE technical certifications. The Society continues to serve its diverse membership and the industry by offering a wide variety of educational programs and services.

The SCTE Standards Program provides an American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-accredited forum for the development of technical specifications supporting the cable telecommunications industry. It is also recognized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). SCTE standards cover a wide range of industry needs from F connectors to protocols for high-speed data access over cable to digital program insertion. More than 140 MSOs, vendors and allied organizations are SCTE Standards Program members.

The local SCTE Sierra Chapter represents the Northern Sacramento Valley, the Northern Sierras, and the North Western Nevada.   Join the SCTE today! 

Step 1 - The very first thing you should do is to sign up for our local chapter's newsletter.  You can do this regardless of your SCTE Membership Status.  By signing up to our local newsletter you will gain visibility to localized: technical sessions, sponsor events, and trade shows that you will not receive in the greater SCTE organization's newsletters or printed publications. 

  • To maintain CANSPAM compliance you must confirm your subscription so after you submit the form please look for an email from "SCTE Sierra Chapter ( )" in either your Inbox, Spambox, or Junkbox. 

  • Complete the confirmation process and you will begin to receive our local newsletters.  You may not receive a recent newsletter right away; we attempt to maintain at least one email communication a month.  You can unsubscribe at any time and can register multiple email accounts so if you'd like emails delivered to both your personal and work email addresses feel free to register each one.  

Step 2 - Apply for SCTE Membership.  A membership w/the SCTE costs money.  Your employer may sponsor the cost of membership in part or in full - discuss that with your leadership team.  Your local SCTE Sierra Chapter has a Certification Incentive Program that can defer the costs of the membership potentially placing more money in your pocket than you originally invested in to the membership.  The greater SCTE Foundation also has programs to assist in this expense.  For a Regular Membership the cost is $68/year. 

  • Click here to Join the SCTE (opens in new window). 

  • When completing the SCTE Membership Application declare the Sierra Chapter as your local chapter.  

  • If a particular member referred you to the SCTE indicate that individual in the SCTE Membership form.  


SCTE Sierra Chapter Scholarship is awarded annually each year to a son or daughter of an active Sierra Chapter member in good standings. It awards $1,000 per to the person selected by the SCTE Scholarship Subcommittee; there are myriad criteria that must be met prior to and after selection.

Some of the requirements are:
1. Recipient must be a graduating (H.S.) Senior or have previously graduated at the time of application.
2. At least one parent must be an active member of the SCTE Sierra Chapter and must have been so for at least two years.
3. Recipient must maintain a "B” or 3.0 academic average (GPA) each collegiate year for the scholarship to be considered valid.
4. Recipient must be maintaining a full time college schedule (minimum 12 credits or equivalent) and be a student in good standing.
5. Registration must be submitted prior to the start of the semester for scholarships awarded for the following school semester or term.

These are just a few of the requirements; the SCTE Sierra Chapter board reserves the right to change or modify the scholarship rules at any time.

Submittal Deadlines: Completed Scholarship applications with all required documentation must be received by July 1st of each year. Once applications are received, they will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and a decision will be made within 90 days, or by Oct 1st, naming the successful candidate(s) that will be awarded a scholarship.

Selection Process:  Only completed applications will be considered. All application materials, including at least two references, school transcripts, and two written essays must be received along with the application. Applicants are judged impartially on a point system involving several factors:  GPA (grade point average); SAT/ACT scores; participation in extracurricular activities; references; and responses to the essay questions.

*Please note that meeting all the qualifications of the scholarship, and submitting the application does not guarantee approval of a scholarship. There are other factors that may impact the award of scholarships, such as the funding availability or budget limit approved by the SCTE Sierra Chapters Board of Directors. Applicants will be informed of the approval status after applications have been submitted.

The SCTE Sierra Chapter Scholarship application and reference forms can be found at  (updated 07/31/2013)

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