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February Newsletter - A.I Tech in Telecommunications

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Hello to all our Sierra members

Artificial Intelligence in Telecommunications

Dating back to the introduction of TiVo, telecommunications companies have been utilizing machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Even in the early days, the machines would “learn” your preferences and make viewing suggestions for you. As with all technology, it advances and improves with each generation. AI technology is making advancements at a stunning pace, and we would all do well to continue to familiarize and better understand how AI will improve our industry for decades to come.

Here are some incredible ways that telecommunications companies are using AI:

  • Customer Service- Computers can funnel calls and trouble shoot and get customers into the right place. This enhances the customer’s experience. Chatbots are used to efficiently process service calls; sometimes with no human interaction.

  • Network Optimization- By utilizing algorithms, machines will see patterns at lightening speed. This will again improve the customer’s experience and the heavy lifting is done by AI.

  • Predictive maintenance- By using predictive analytics, technology companies are able to predict future performance and results based on historical data.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)-Repetitive jobs that invite higher human error can be completed more efficiently and more accurately with AI.

  • Fraud Detection-Machines can scan and process unbelievable amounts of information, and they can do it quicker and more accurately than humans, including detecting fraudulent behavior.

This is by no means a comprehensive description of the numerous ways that AI is enhancing technology. There will be a lot of new opportunities for those who embrace and learn the new technologies.

Don't miss out on the A.I train in 2021 we only go up from here !!! "To the Moon"- Elon Musk

Craig Freeman

SCTE Sierra Chapter Board, VP

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