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2020 Thoughts from the SCTE Sierra Chapter - Putting the Passion Back into Telecom

2020 Thoughts:

from the SCTE Sierra Chapter

Putting the Passion Back into Telecom

Hello to all our Sierra members, I wanted to share my thoughts on re-igniting the passion in our industry with SCTE as a major tool to help expand your knowledge! The benefits of SCTE membership never seem to amaze me. SCTE is a one stop shop for knowledge and connections to the telecommunications industry that allows one to grow and understand how the world around us is morphing into the future we’re living in. I scan through email after email of industry news and knowledge every day that I receive through being a SCTE member, but this never gets more real than talking with new technicians in the field that are taking certification courses to grow their brand and understand what is needed to be the best in their new industry. Being on the board for the Sierra Chapter has allowed me recently to spend time chatting with new members that are bubbling with enthusiasm and questions after completing a certification and requesting the next step to get more. They have a glimmer in their eye and a thirst for more that is readily available to them through SCTE. This is the point for many of them, being new to the industry, that starts to make things click. They spend a year or two learning the basics of cable/ phone and how to manage customer expectations, and then they need a little more to answer all those questions they have as they’re learning their craft. They talk to a member, or get an email, or get on the web looking for that answer that has been nagging them in which they find SCTE has all this opportunity lying in wait for them. Once they get the first book of the certification or first Micro Lesson and start to find the answers to some of those questions, then they keep digging for more. I’ve stopped by to drop of a Certification Award Gift Card to a new member recently and I spent an hour standing around talking and answering questions because the certification has sparked a need to know more while adding an enthusiasm about the industry. The training and certifications that are available through SCTE won’t necessarily get you the next job you apply for, but it will definitely push the passion back into the conversations that you’ll have around the industry that we all love. They will give you the tools to be successful. It’s up to you to take the first step and become a member, so that you can reap the benefits.

Thank You,

SCTE Sierra Chapter Board of Directors Chris Jones Headend Supervisor at Comcast (Sacramento) BECOME A MEMBER TODAY!

As we move through the 2020 Roller Coaster, chapters will be presenting these virtual training's all over the country to bring our value to our members, and best yet FREE for members Here are our SCTE upcoming 8 webinars in September and October from chapters across the regions and states!


Sharing is caring (and worth training hours for your chapter)! Share this training with your chapter members by sending a meeting notice at least 3 weeks in advance. Participating chapters will earn technical training hours if at least five chapter members participate.

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