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2020 Thoughts:from the SCTE Sierra Chapter - July Newsletter

Hello to all our Sierra members, I hope this newsletter finds you well! What a year so far, and it’s not even the bad fire season yet here in the Sierra region. I know you all have heard all the different sayings from people regarding all us essential employees, many of the essential employees out there that until now were considered the low skilled, low ambition just doing a job that anybody could do. And now all the highly educated, higher earners are at home because their job isn’t considered essential during the pandemic of 2020. Definitely the way companies do business will be changed for a long time, and possibly forever, I’m referring to all the people that are working from home, companies seeing that productivity is just as good as if they were in the office, maybe even better.

A big call out to all of us, from cable companies to phone companies, stepping it up and making sure that our networks stay up and running for all the customers that are dependent on the internet in these pressured start to the year. I can say that we have never been busier in telecommunications. That is because you can not have the future without technology leading the way! So, stay safe out there, especially those of you that are required to wear a mask while doing your job in the heat. And maybe the old saying “Hindsight is always 20/20” So maybe we get to have do-over next year and correct all mistakes from this 2020. Just my two cents, wait did we run out of coins yet?

Thank You,

SCTE Sierra Chapter Board of Directors Bob Angelastro Area Technical Manager at CableCom

As we move through the COVID situation chapters will be presenting these virtual training's all over the country to bring our value to our members, and best yet FREE for members! Here are our SCTE upcoming webinars in July and August

Please register for Rocky Mountain Chapter: All About Shielding Integrity - Keeping Signals in and Noise Out on Jul 30, 2020 4:00 PM MDT at:

Central Indiana Chapter: Tech for Non-Tech Training on Jul 29, 2020 9:00 AM EDT at: Cactus Chapter: MTDR - Best Practices and Tips on Aug. 12

Leaving with some quotes from Michael Jordan, that may push us further in this challenging year of 2020....

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