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What can the SCTE do for me? Print
Written by Brandon Mehrkens   
Friday, 05 October 2018 09:26
What can the SCTE do for me? This is a question I am asked frequently; it is a question I once asked myself. 
Before talking to ‘the right” people, I was oblivious to the training and networking opportunities that had been at my disposal from the day I became a new hire. Blinded by the day-to-day duties of a newly hired CommTech, it seemed there would never be time for me to enroll in classes geared towards my new trade, or sit through seminars with a stacked route of installs. Then, I talked to “the right” people. They all but laughed when I explained why I had not taken advantage of the self-paced courses, and certifications offered by the SCTE. That is when things started to change in my career, coincidence? Maybe. 
I like to believe that while it did take a good amount of effort on my part, the relationships I have made, and the knowledge I have gained through the Society not only made me a better candidate, but a driven industry expert. I am now a Network Technician in Sacramento, as well as an officer of the Sierra Chapter SCTE Board. 
What is holding you back?  
By Brandon Mehrkens / COMCAST 
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